RemarkaMobile Review – Is it a scam?

Update 8/13/14

Part of what RemarkaMobile offers is pre-written sales copy.  This is pretty quality stuff.  Here’s what they came up with this week:


Subject Line: And The Results Are In… (#1 Program On The Web Revealed)

I think we all know there are A LOT of income opportunities on the Internet these days. A LOT.

Well, there is one guy, Alan, who combed the entire Internet biz opp space, signed up for every single one, put them ALL through the ringer, and invested $10k+ to see which one was the #1 program on the web based on results.

Here’s what he said:

“I recently spent about 6 month (and tens of thousands of dollar) testing all the popular online income programs—all the ones with names you’d recognize, to see which really would perform the best when using just their company, default sales funnels. Of the many I tested there were only 4 that appeared to be capable of generating any ROI at all with paid advertising. Of those, one clearly out-performed the others. It wasn’t even close. That one was RemarkaMobile.

And now, 2 months in, accounting for all the leads and sales I’ve generated since the beginning, I’m seeing an incredible 6.8% lead-to-sale conversion rate. Such a thing would generally be almost impossible to accomplish with even one “lucky” ad campaign, let alone as a cumulative conversion rate. I just couldn’t be more satisfied with your system.”

- Alan Cosens

You can take a free tour “inside” the RemarkaMobile system RIGHT HERE

Just think… Alan did all the research and the testing for you. He took the time and invested the capital. And now you can comfortably get started with almost zero risk.

Pretty good deal, right?

You may not again it again. Take action. Get started RIGHT HERE.

There’s no time to waste. The results are in….


Your name here


P.S. The best part about finding an online business that “works”, is that you get to do the things in life you really want to. For Alan, he’s a single Dad, and because he found a business that “works”, he now gets to stay home and raise his daughter on his terms. That’s huge.

Update: 7/18/2014

I checked my ProPay account the other day and found $800. It’s currently bringing in around $350/month. I’m paying $129/mo support fee, so there actually is a small profit.

I’m definitely excited about the new business center. It was supposed to show up in May, but they had some hiccups and are releasing by the end of July. It is integrated directly with the platform, and it facilitates communication with your team. Who doesn’t like helping others out?

I’m most excited about the collaboration opportunities. The RemarkaMobile traffic co-op is between $4 & $8 per lead. So far with this solo ad, I’m at $2.77 per lead. The more you buy, the more testing you can do. Eventually you’ll separate the good lists from the weak ones. I think we can do our own traffic co-op, and ramp things up very quickly.

Here’s how the best guys are doing it now:


Original Post:

Recently, you may have seen information about how you can make up to $7,532 per month with less than 100 customers by partnering with RemarkaMobile. Maybe what you saw mentioned making $1000/mo or $1000/day… Can this possibly be true? Are you wondering if it’s a scam? If so, you’re in the right place because I’ll give you an inside look at the product, the pay plan, and the training to prove that it’s the real deal. This page should serve as a solid Remarkamobile review – and I’m constantly updating it to keep up with new developments.

Speaking of Inside Look, check out this other blog post about my first 60 days as a Premium MMA Affiliate.

UPDATE (2/21/14): In my first week of the traffic co-op, I started making sales. I’ve tried tons of techniques over the years and this is the FIRST ONE that has actually made me money. Even my wife is on board now.

When I first heard about RemarkaMobile, there was very little information I could find. I didn’t find any negative reviews, but I also couldn’t find anything positive or constructive. Honestly, I had to dive in with blind faith that Andrew Cass had put together a worthy product and system. The more I learn, the more I’m pleased with my decision. This review will serve as a living document, and I will do my best to offer as much information as possible, since it is difficult to learn much about RemarkaMobile before becoming a customer.

There are 3 main reasons why RemarkaMobile stands out from the rest of the affiliate programs out there.

The audio below was clipped from the March Founder’s Call with Andrew Cass.

    1. Product stands alone, and isn’t “just” a money making opportunity





    1. Large payout of front end commissions for residual income




    1. High ticket payouts on the backend




To check out the 1-week trial, visit RemarkaMobile $1 Trial

So, why are you here? I’m guessing that it’s because you’re curious about whether the income claims are true. Is this really a 100% commission system?Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Partially.Let me explain.

The two basic affiliate products ($29 mCommerce & $59 Inner Circle) pay out 100% on every subscription every month. This is pretty cool, since about 60% of people who sign up to be affiliates ($29/mo) also sign up to the training ($59/mo). You’re then looking at $64/mo ($29 + $59 * 60%) for each person that signs up to use the basic level of Remarkamobile.

What’s the catch? There is a $24/mo “Affiliate Fee” that you pay each month. This (airquotes) pays for the system costs and allows 100% commissions on all front-end sales (/airquotes). Honestly, with two customers, this and the cost of your subscription are taken care of so it’s not a big deal.

Before we get to the money, watch this video that outlines the concept behind RemarkaMobile. As you can see, the product is used to help business owners get more customers and increase conversion rates.

Here is a short 2 minute video of Andrew Cass outlining the RemarkaMobile system. Take a look and, if you’re interested, sign up for the free report in the email box below the video. No commitment required.

Remarkamobile Review: The Affiliate Program

[expand title="Expand" swaptitle="Collapse" excerpt="Is Remarkamobile a scam? I have to say no. It is a direct sales business It is a direct sales business with recurring revenue and nice upfront commissions on the larger ticket items."]
The affiliate program sits at the heart of the RemarkaMobile system. Once you are a customer, you have the option to become an affiliate and earn commissions by telling others about the system. About 80% of customers become affiliates, and about 60% of affiliates join the Inner Circle training program. 15% of RemarkaMobile members join the Mobile Marketing Advisors (MMA) program. This unlocks one-time referral fees and lets you turn the affiliate promotion side of things into a pure numbers game. Depending on the amount of time and effort you can leverage, there is some serious income replacing potential working with RemarkaMobile’s product and affiliate system.

Income Examples: Affiliate Sales

[expandsub1 title="Basic Example: Potential Income with 10 customers (2013 Model)"]mCommerceFoundation : ($29 x 10) = $290
Inner Circle: ($59 x 6) = $354
Total: $644 – $24 = $620
Processing Fee (6%) = $38.64
Net Income = $581.36 each month with 10 customers.

This is the most basic example – but the next few scenarios show that RemarkaMobile can pay out significantly more money.[/expandsub1]

[expandsub1 title="Advanced Example: Potential Income with 50 Customers - Phase 1, Front-End Sales (2014 Model)"]
mCommerce Foundation (100%)
$29 x 50 = $1450 “Monthly”
mCommerce Inner Circle (60%)
$59 x 30 = $1770 “Monthly”
Traffic Academy (10%)
$250 x 5 = $1250 “Direct Sales”
Total = $4,470 (Month 1), $3,220 Monthly Residual Income w/ 50 customers
Bringing this example down a notch, shows:
25 Customers = $2235
10 Customers = $894

The Direct Sales and Inner Circle sales percentages have tested consistently across the entire Remarkamobile system. The sales process is built into the system and you only have to focus on getting leads.

[expandsub1 title="Advanced Example: Potential Income with 50 Customers - Phase 2, Big Ticket Items (2014 Model)"]
This is using the same 50 customers, let’s look at the big ticket items.
Mobile Marketing Advisor-MMA (15%)
$1000 x 7 = $7000
Premium Mobile Marketing Advisor (8%)
$2500 x 4 = $10,000
Master Mobile Marketing Advisor (2%)
$7500 x 1 = $7500
$24,494 (Back-end direct sales) + $4,470 (Front-end) = $28,964 One Time
Still $3,220 residual each month
Bringing this example down a notch, shows:
25 Customers = $14,482
10 Customers = $5,793

Keep in mind, you still have to pay the processing fee (6%) and the monthly fee of either $24 or $99 depending on the level you’re earning commission on.

[expandsub1 title="Caveats"]

  • You need to be positioned at a level in order to earn the 50% commission on each sale from that level.
    • Ex: To get paid on Premium MMA sales, you must also be a Premium MMA.
  • As with most recurring items, there will be a portion of customers who cancel their subscription. This portion is not accounted for in the examples.
  • The conversion percentages used in the examples are averages. Your experience may be higher or lower.


Activate Your System

Remarkamobile Review: The Mobile Marketing platform

[expand title="Expand" swaptitle="Collapse" excerpt="This is the meat and potatoes of what you'll be working with as a Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA). If you're a business owner looking to improve conversion rates, or if you are currently in sales, this will be the most exciting piece for you."]

Here’s a fun video I made playing around with Fireworks the other day:

After you’ve become a Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA), every product you sell gives you 50% commission. Even the recurring monthly products like SMS marketing packages.

The screenshot below shows the various modules available in the mobile marketing system. You’ll notice that it’s much more than just text marketing. There are mobile coupons, Facebook integration, voice broadcasts, QR codes, and loyalty programs that can help businesses engage more actively with their customers.

18 Contact Modules

The platform is up to 18 modules. This is 6 more than when I first saw the product 5 months ago.

The corporate team is constantly adding new features, and improving the usability and presentation of the marketing platform. Inside the members area of the platform, you can find training videos that help you make the most out of the RemarkaMobile platform. There are currently more than 30 videos showing how to get started with the individual components.

This link will get you to some information regarding a $1 7-Day trial of the RemarkaMobile system.


RemarkaMobile Review: The Investment

[expand title="Expand" swaptitle="Collapse" excerpt="I mentioned earlier that you need to be positioned at a level in order to earn commission for sales at that level. What does it mean to be positioned at a level? Here are some details."]

I went with the Premium MMA option. Check out my first 60 Days as a RemarkaMobile Premium MMA affiliate here.

[expandsub1 title="Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA)"]
Investment: $1,999 or 2 x $1,129 (Tax Deductible)

  • 50% commission on all $1,999 sales ($1000/sale)
  • 30 Days of 1-on-1 Business Coaching ($997 Value)
  • 50 leads from the Traffic Co-Op ($300 Value)
  • 50% ticket discount to Miami Mobile Marketing Summit ($497 ticket – $250 Value)
  • Total Bonuses (Coaching and Traffic): $1547

Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA) is the first level that allows you to sell mobile marketing packages directly to consumers. Think of any business owner – restaurant, service center, dentist, vet, coffee shop – that offers specials or likes to have customers in on a recurring basis. You can help them keep in touch with their customers and make sure that reminders are always sent on schedule – straight to the cell phone via TXT message. You know that customers are always accessible.

[expandsub1 title="Premium Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA)"]
Investment: $4,999 or 2 x $2,799 (Tax Deductible)

  • 50% commission on all $4,999 sales ($2500/sale)
  • 60 Days of 1-on-1 Business Coaching ($1994 Value)
  • 500 leads from the Traffic Co-Op ($2000 Value)
  • 75% ticket discount to Miami Mobile Marketing Summit ($497 ticket – $375 Value)
  • Total Bonuses (Coaching and Traffic): $4369

This is the level that seems most exciting to me. Let’s see what can be done with the 500 included leads. It’s possible to get the entire 5 Grand back. That likely won’t happen all in one month, but let’s take a look at the first month using an estimate of 3% conversion rate, which is the latest figure from the split test results being done with the Traffic Co-Op. Follow along with my first 60 days here.

[expandsub2 title="500 Leads Example (3% Lead to Customer Conversion Rate)"]
500 Leads x .03 = 15 customersPhase 1
mCommerce Foundation (All)
$29 x 15 = $435 “Monthly”
mCommerce Inner Circle (60%)
$59 x 9 = $531 “Monthly”
Traffic Academy (10%)
$250 x 1 = $250 “Direct Sales”Phase 2
Mobile Marketing Advisor-MMA (15%)
$1000 x 2 = $2000
Premium Mobile Marketing Advisor (8%)
$2500 x 1 = $2,500[/expandsub2]

$4,500 (Back-end direct sales) + $1,216 (Front-end) = $5,716 One Time (Gross)
Costs: $99 System Fee + $342.96 Processing Fee = $441.96
Net: $5274.04 “One Time”

Residual: $966 – $99 System Fee – $57.96 Processing Fee = $809.04 “Monthly”

Think about that for a minute. Invest $5,000 and get it back PLUS another $800/month… Pretty hard not to give it at least some consideration, huh? This potential is the major reason why I’m giving RemarkaMobile a positive review. I haven’t even had a chance to talk about the product. It’s built on the same platform that powers AT&T’s mobile marketing. More on that later.

For those that are ultra serious about making money – and have some investment funds laying around – there is the Master MMA level.

[expandsub1 title="Master Mobile Marketing Advisor (MMA)"]
Investment: $14,999 or 2 x $7,999 (Tax Deductible)

    • 50% commission on all $14,999 sales ($7500/sale)
    • 90 Days of 1-on-1 Business Coaching ($2991 Value)
    • 1000 leads from the Traffic Co-Op ($4000 Value)
    • Free ticket to Miami Mobile Marketing Summit ($497 Value)
    • Total Bonuses (Coaching and Traffic): $7488


  • “Area Exclusive” partnership
  • Zip Code Ownership
  • Board of Directors
  • 1,000 SMS Text Marketing Credits per Month


While it’s possible to earn a few extra dollars each month as a standard Affiliate with RemarkaMobile, there’s a completely separate income stream available to Mobile Marketing Advisors.

You can then sell Mobile Marketing services to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

As an MMA, you can Receive 50% Commission on these items:

    • Mobile websites = $497 per site
    • SMS Text Marketing Packages = $99 to $499 per month.
    • This is “retail sales” income, separate from the affiliate sales above.

The monthly fee then becomes $99/month, but you get the $59 Inner Circle and the $24 Partner fee included. So you’re really looking at an extra $16/month but you get 50% commission on all retail sales.

Ok, so I’ve just broken down the methods to get a person to $1000 per week, or even $1000 per day, depending on your positioning and the amount of traffic you’re bringing into your Remarkamobile links.

Every week, I receive email reminders about training calls, and links to the recorded content. There is definitely value – especially for those without a ton of traffic or time – and I’m constantly hearing about new features and income streams that are on the way. The training calls are live, but I’m glad they are recorded since I am always at work when they happen.

The other day, I received a print newsletter that renewed my interest in the affiliate side of things. There’s a new traffic academy being rolled out, and a few more features to the Remarkamobile Platform coming out very soon.

The $29 subscription for the RemarkaMobile foundation gives you 200 credits. These credits are 1-to-1 for standard text message content, including auto responder series and follow-ups related to list sign up. Also for “text blasts” or whatever they’re called… Test it out by sending the keyword ‘tech’ to 96000. Yes, Hometown Tech is my brick and mortar business for computer repair. Unless you’re in central Iowa, you won’t really get to cash in on the $10 service discount, but you’ll be able to see that it works. If this doesn’t prove to you that RemarkaMobile is real, I’m not sure what would.

Activate Your System

Remarkamobile Review: The mCommerce Inner Circle

Every Monday, there’s an InnerCircle training call that will either discuss new features or give some training. About 85% of the affiliates join the InnerCircle so they get the newest tips & tricks, and bits of wisdom for how to get the word out. Here’s just a small sample of the training modules available in the form of recorded webinars right now:

RemarkaMobile Review: The Training

[expand title="Expand" swaptitle="Collapse" excerpt="Whether you're completely new to Internet Marketing, or a seasoned veteran, you'll be sure to pick up on some new techniques, resources, or approaches that you haven't thought of before."]

Each week, there is a training call for members of the mCommerce Inner Circle. The calls are recorded and archived, so this list grows every week. Some of them are review, but the calls are recorded live so you can always ask questions if they haven’t been addressed.

Currently Archived Training Modules

  1. General Online Lead Generation
  2. Getting leads with Content Marketing
  3. Getting leads with Social Media
  4. Banner Advertising
  5. Traffic
  6. Advertising Co-Op (For those with money but no time)
  7. How to get Retail Customers
  8. How to Outsource and build a team on a budget
  9. Tracking Leads and Sales Activity
  10. Press Release Marketing
  11. How to get Facebook Leads
  12. A preview of the ‘App’ Development Division
  13. How to use the ‘Content Bank’ to get Leads
  14. Online Lead Generation Networks Besides Google and Facebook
  15. Writing Compelling Ad Copy
  16. Maximizing Marketing Energy
  17. Article Marketing
  18. How To Get Mobile Website Revenue
  19. How To Plan A Banner Advertising Campaign
  20. How To Emotionally Charge Your Words In Yours Ads
  21. Ad Swaps / Solo Ad Buys
  22. Solo Advertising

If you’re interested, check out this 2 minute video showing the power of the affiliate program. 2 Minute Video (Careful – AutoPlay) I really do wish that video didn’t auto play, but it’s the most concise way to see the details.

As you can see, many of the modules are focused on getting more affiliates, but my favorite is #6 above as I know plenty of business owners who can benefit from Mobile Marketing. This is, after all, the reason I signed up for the program. This was even before I knew about the vast amounts of resources inside the program.

If you have been around affiliate marketing for a long time, you’ve probably signed up for quite a few mailing lists. Also, your inbox probably looks something like this, with offers left and right.

Internet Marketing Overload

Internet Marketing Overload

RemarkaMobile is truly not a scam. The affiliate program, along with the mobile marketing platform is a legitimate way to earn some money. Whether you’re looking to earn enough to make your car payments, or to replace – or even double – your current income, there are options for you. As with anything it takes hard work and dedication, but you can ride the mobile revolution to a more solid financial future. You can get involved with very little money upfront, and you’re sure to learn new skills along the way.

Activate Your System

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RemarkaMobile Test Drive | RemarkaMobile Review

What is RemarkaMobile? Check out some of the features and how to get a free trial.


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      I’m looking to start a traffic co-op with my team once the new business center is activated. It was supposed to be here in May, but they’re finally ready and will transition by the end of the month.

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